Anhui Songyu Engineering Technology Equipment Co., Ltd.
In 2012, Anhui Songyu Engineering Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. was established. During the same period, an equipment industry base with R&D, office, manufacturing, assembly, warehousing, logistics and other service functions was completed and put into use.
The company has been committed to the design, manufacture, installation and application of metal equipment such as pressure vessels, atmospheric pressure vessels, reaction devices, towers, heat exchange devices, drying, storage and other metal equipment used in industrial manufacturing.
It has successively passed system certifications such as "ASME Production License", "Pressure Vessel Design & Manufacturing License", "Pressure Pipeline Reconstruction and Maintenance License" and "ISO9001 Quality Management".
The company has established (manufacturing/assembly) design, procurement, manufacturing, installation, quality, operation management and other departments. Through continuous exploration and innovation of professional technology and continuous integration of scientific management mechanism, the company has completed the delivery of different forms of products and services to many countries and regions.
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