Anhui Songyu Biosystem Engineering Co., Ltd.
With the increasing demand for preparation products and complete sets of services in the industrial application market, the comprehensive company's drive for the concept of professional technical resource integration, in 2020, Anhui Songyu Engineering Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. invested and established Anhui Songyu Biosystems Engineering Co., Ltd. Ltd.
Mainly engaged in the design, assembly, automation, verification and project on-site application services of process equipment integration and utility systems in biological, pharmaceutical, medical, new energy, electronics, environment, petrochemical, marine and other industrial fields. The company has set up service departments such as (process/model/detailed application) design, procurement, quality, automatic control, assembly, construction, operation management and so on.
By introducing high-quality technical resources at home and abroad, and based on the core technologies and bases of Songyu and Anyu, we are committed to providing industrial application projects with services such as process equipment and system engineering design integration, assembly, and verification, and provide users with complete and final services. A project relay!
We will always adhere to the principles of integrity, pragmatism, truth-seeking, harmony and win-win, and practice the core values ​​and mission of the team!
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