Anhui Anyu Clean Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd.
Based on the expansion of industrial manufacturing and technological breakthroughs, the number of applications extended to high-end equipment has increased year by year, and the market demand for special materials has continued to increase. Among them, the relationship that originally relied on international market supply is gradually being transformed into domestic supply.
In recent years, the company's technical research and development team has continuously innovated and applied high-end equipment and special equipment technology through continuous exploration and trial of special materials, and has won the supply demand from domestic and foreign markets.
At the same time, the shortage of production capacity in the equipment industry base of Songyu Company has become increasingly prominent. In 2018, the company joined hands with an elite team to expand the territory and established Anhui Anyu Clean Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd. and an industrial base in 2021.
The company is mainly committed to the manufacture and application of devices, equipment and accessories of special materials (including stainless steel).
Anyu has established (manufacturing/assembly) design, manufacturing, installation, quality, operation management and other departments.
The team expanded the industrial base through Anyu, expanded the industrial production capacity, and improved the industrial development foundation. Anyu has both the core values ​​and mission of the team, and carries the team's higher expectations for new fields, new technologies, new models, new environments, and new products!
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